what is stem?

STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. STEM education has become important because it occupies every part of our lives. By exposing students to STEM and giving them opportunities to explore STEM-related concepts, they will develop a passion for it and hopefully pursue a job in a STEM field. A curriculum that is STEM-based has real-life situations to help the student learn. Programs like Engineering For Kids integrates multiple classes to provide opportunities to see how concepts relate to life in order to hopefully spark a passion for a future career in a STEM field. STEM activities provide hands-on and minds-on lessons for the student. Making math and science both fun and interesting helps the student to do much more than just learn.


Bharathidasan University SUITS  

Shepherds has partnered with Bharathidasan University under IECD SUITS  Scheme to provide our school students with Certificate Course in Computing Skills. Exams are conducted at School Premises and coordinated by Bharathidasan University. This helps the school students to get very good basic knowledge about computer programming and its working at the school level which will help in the students when they pursue Undergraduate courses in Information Technology or Electronics or any STEM field.

Benefits of IECD

Bharathidasan University SUITS

  • Proud of becoming a student of Bharathidasan University
  • Becoming university rank holders/ school toppers in SUITS
  • A strong foundation to become computer programmers and entrepreneurs
  • Achieving Advanced certificate in IT Education before completion of their matriculation.